"I really like the location of Cassidys. The boat is on the river and I don't have to deal with navigating my boat through lagoons and no-wake zones unless I choose to. I usually go there to fish with my brother but the kids will come down once in a while and we go tube sking. I actually drive past 2 Toms River marinas to get to Cassidys from my house. The guys don't chase you around trying to sell stuff like some of the other marinas I've been to in the past."
Jack V, Toms River

"My brother and I don't get to go out on the boat very often, so we try make the most of it. We have a couple of friends that dock at Cassidys so we can meet them there and go out fishing or just hang out at the marina on the boat. It's a good place. Good spot on the river. The Cassidy brothers are very fair and easy to talk to."
Paul, Toms River

"I just go into boating when I retired. A friend told me about Cassidys and I just love it there. Great people, friendly atmosphere, real low key."
Jeff M, Lakewood

"I keep my boat at the marina for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I like the guys there. They are always willing to help me and I never feel like there are trying to sell me something."
Michael, Howell

"Sailing on the metedeconk is great. It's deep, wide, and it's always windy. If I don't feel like going out on the boat, the marina is a comfortable place to hang out."
Scott, Brielle

"I love the atmosphere at Cassidys marina. Ive lived on the jersey shore my whole life and at Cassidys it's like I remember things as a kid. Everybody's friendly and nobody bothers me."
John F, Bricktown

"We keep our 25 foot Bayliner at the Cassidy marina for the summer. Its the perfect spot for cruising to f-cove or just relaxing."
Janice, Manchester

"I love to fish and the marina is just 40 minutes from the ocean. I can get off of work, hop on the boat, shoot out the inlet and be out fishing in less than an hour. All this without paying the high prices they charge to be closer to the ocean."
Jimmy, Brick

"My 34 foot silverton is my weekend home at the. I love cassidys location. It's near the ocean, shopping, boardwalk. The best part is that when Im just on the boat relaxing in the slip its almost like I'm anchored in the river. Traffic and troubles of home are a million miles away."
Larry, Totowa

"My 23 foot Runabout boat has been at Cassidys for year. They take care of everything so when I'm ready to bring family or friends for a cruise past all of the beautiful homes on the river, I know my boat is ready to go."
Joseph, Westfield

"I live 15 minutes from the marina and i've kept my 25 ft center console fishing boat there winter and summer for the last 20 years. They guys are great. I can work on my boat there or have them do it. When I get off of work I can go down to the boat and head out to fish or just hangout on the boat while it's docked at the marina. I enjoy spending my free time there."
Robert Y, Point Pleasant

"I have a 2nd home on the Metedeconk River where I dock my boat, but I store at Cassidys Marina for the winter. I call them in the fall and they do everything. Same thing come spring time, no hassles, very affordable."
Frank, Monroe NJ